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     MaryleboneCarpetCleaners did a one off deep clean for me ages ago, and now I can afford a cleaning company on a regular basis, they were the only company I would work with. Such great value and the team are lovely.
Grace Bourdain19/05/2020
     I've never hired a cleaning company before for my home, but I will keep working with you guys from now on! The work that was done was amazing and my home has never looked so good!
Summer J.19/09/2019
     It was wonderful by Marylebone Carpet Cleaning who provided a very professional and friendly service. The carpet cleaners totally transformed the condition of my carpet.
H. Oliver09/10/2018
     I love being a mother but my two bundles of joy can sometimes be very... crafty. Last week I came back home to see how carpets have been destroyed under the artistic impulses of my five year-olds while their father was not watching them. I instantly called MaryleboneCarpetCleaners because I knew of them from a friend and everything was back to clean and good looking in a few hours!
Scarlett L.17/03/2015
     I am not a fan of having strangers come into my house and turn over my things, but when I had an accident, I had no choice but to let a professional cleaning company do the house cleaning for me. MaryleboneCarpetCleaners assuaged me of all my fears as soon as I talked to them over the phone; and their service at my place was more than I expected. The cleaners covered every inch of the house and even area I didn't think they'd bother about. I am so glad I went for them and now I would recommend them to everyone.
Annabel W.04/12/2014
     I have just had an eco friendly cleaning service performed by MaryleboneCarpetCleaners. They did a wonderful job throughout my office, and used the greenest products and use environmentally techniques to clean the furniture, carpets and desks. I have several members of staff who work for me with breathing allergies so this was a welcome relief to be able to hire a company who were up to date with being more environmentally friendly. The cost was reasonable and the results were remarkable.
Devin H.24/11/2014
     This company really helped me out, I've always done all the cleaning at myself at home as a carer, and have never thought about getting help - but my partner said I should and I'm glad of it! And to be honest, one of the main things that I liked about MaryleboneCarpetCleaners was that they actually speak normally on the phone. The advisor was really friendly and actually listened to my situation... Unlike most business you call! The lad that came along to help me with cleaning was really well mannered, no fuss, professional, and does a great job. I'd recommend hiring this service to anyone regardless of your situation if you're considering it, I'm happy I did!
Jennifer A.23/10/2014
     The wood floors in my house are my pride and joy so I try to keep them looking as great as is possible. Sometimes though you just have to get a professional in to take care of a big yet delicate job like that and my mate told me about MaryleboneCarpetCleaners. I got them in for the job and I was certainly not in any way disappointed. A lovely bunch of people from the guy answering the phone to the people that came to do the job and willing to listen to the needs I had as a customer. Great!
Sam H.09/10/2014
     It's hard to put into words just how good of a job that MaryleboneCarpetCleaners did. Their low price has me raising my eyebrows at first, thinking that it's going to be a 'what you see is what you get' affair, but that certainly wasn't the case! Their staff were well equipped for the task at hand, and was easy to talk to as well. They got on with the job at hand, and before I knew it, the whole house was looking superb! What else is there to say? I'll definitely be hiring them again, and I've already recommended them to my friends!
Ned S.21/08/2014
     I am extremely happy with the way in which I have been treated by MaryleboneCarpetCleaners, as well as how wonderfully they have contributed to the window cleaning at this hotel. I am pleased to say that they have always been diligent and trustworthy, whilst retaining a very competitive price range. We have always had time for tradesmen who are good at what they do and offer honest work for honest pay, and will continue to work with them as long as they continue to do so.
Margaret Baker31/07/2014
     My brother recently moved out and every time I come to visit, his house is a tip. For his birthday, I wanted to get him something really useful so I called up MaryleboneCarpetCleaners to get him a cleaner for 6 months. I knew this company would be ideal for him because I used to hire my cleaner from the same company and I was always so impressed by the things she did and I just knew they could help my brother too. He was so impressed by his newly cleaned house that he kept the cleaner on and she still works for him now.
Zoe M.16/07/2014
     Everybody's nightmare is to have a big red stain on a cream carpet, and that is exactly what I had to contend with when I last had people over - someone tripped over and knocked and entire bottle of wine off the table and I thought my new carpet was ruined. There are however some very talented carpet cleaners out there and when I called MaryleboneCarpetCleaners they told me they would be able to get the stain out. They were true to their word and my carpets is now completely fresh and clean! I will however think twice about having another drinks party at home though...
Clare S.30/06/2014
     Have always had a minor disability which had made it difficult to move but I was able to arrange for the most part. In recent years though, it has gotten worse and so some tasks can be more trouble than they are worth and one of these is cleaning. Knowing I couldn't keep it up any longer, I called MaryleboneCarpetCleaners for help. They told me about their services and so we were able to get what needed. I now have a cleaner regularly visiting my home who takes care foe everything for me so I don't have to lift a finger. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say they are a lifesaver.
A. Summers20/06/2014
     I was of the opinion that professional cleaning wasn't really right for me and I must have spent years telling myself this. Finally, I relented after seeing what a fantastic job MaryleboneCarpetCleaners were able to do at my friend's house. I promptly gave them a chance at my house and I've never been so impressed with a service. Straight away they understood what I wanted and what I needed and they worked tirelessly in order to make sure that I got the right service. A really clean home and another really satisfied customer, I would definitely give them a call.
Billy Richardson04/06/2014
     Caring for my wife after she has gone through cancer treatment has taken up most of my time and the household cleaning duties have had to take a back seat. I happen to come across this cleaning company called MaryleboneCarpetCleaners and thought why not try it out, they were offering a deal which was the ideal opportunity to try them out and it was the best decision I ever made. Our home looks fantastic and to see my wife smile again is like the icing on the cake. I cannot believe that I never thought of doing this sooner, they have made my life so much easier.
     For a cleaning company with a real difference you can look no further than MaryleboneCarpetCleaners. Their local business offers the best cleaners in the area, they really do leave no stone unturned in their cleaning work, and for what you pay the value is incredible. There was no dust left anywhere in the home and all of my surfaces were clear and gleaming leaving me so much more time for everything else in my life. Fantastic service from everybody involved and lovely people to work with. Very highly recommended to absolutely anybody looking for cleaning work. Value for money guaranteed.
Sharon M.08/04/2014
     Got to add my name to the list of people who are delighted with the service which they have received from MaryleboneCarpetCleaners. They got hired to deal with my messy home and within weeks it is like an entirely new property. They provide a solution which really works for me and one which I can really trust. I would like to say a big thanks for their abilities and an even bigger thanks for their prices, which really are fantastic. If you are looking for a great way to get your home cleaned, these guys should be your first choice.
     Having never used a professional cleaning service before, I'm happy to say that my initial experiences have been really good! MaryleboneCarpetCleaners have been extremely professional, and very easy to work with, which has been a relief! Knowing that a relationship between client and cleaner is important, I am happy to say that the cleaners sent over so far have been lovely, and very good at what they do!
D. Perry05/03/2014
     My new cream carpet took a beating at Christmas when I had all the family round. It was pretty upsetting when I realised the state of it after they all left. I know sometimes it just can't be helped. My uncle recommended getting it looked at by MaryleboneCarpetCleaners; that they had cleaned one of his carpets once and done a reasonable job. Well, let me say they did a lot more than 'reasonable'; they got my cream carpet back to as new! I was absolutely chuffed with what they did and it was all done within an hour or so. Highly recommended for any others with light carpets!
Jonty Gardiner30/01/2014
     I haven't been a customer of MaryleboneCarpetCleaners for long, but I've been so impressed with their services that I just had to write in. This is a really down-to-earth, practically and friendly cleaning company who are just so frank and honest! They gave me lots and help and advice when it came to choosing the right cleaning service for me, and when my cleaner arrived he was absolutely brilliant! My home looks fantastic and so many people have asked me how I've managed to get my house so clean. I'll never tell them - this company is my little secret! Thanks so much for all the help!
Janine H.20/01/2014

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